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Asia Balancing with Business Qigong

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Qigong is one of the basic elements of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). A lot of people want to be more active to stay fit and healthy, but without overstraining their own body. Qigong helps in a gentle way to bring back to balance again both your body and mind. Qigong also activates your immune system and dissolves blockades. Moreover, Qigong improves your agility and personal well-being. Just in a few minutes time Awai Cheung will show you effective, gymnastic exercises of the old Chinese tradition. Keep your health up and become even more successful!

Awai Cheung is an expert in Asian traditional arts Qigong and Tai Chi. Born in Berlin, he is an Hongkong-Chinese and has trained martial arts since his 6th birthday. While studying business management, he made his first practical experiences in adult education. Awai Cheung has been teaching his special know-how at workshops and technical lectures for more than 16 years, in Germany as well as abroad. He works successfully together with renowned top enterprises, personnel managers, general practitioners, hospitals and health insurance companies. With Business Qigong Awai Cheung has developed a new concept for business health management. He puts his main emphasis on practically exercises for sustained preventive medicine, to support physical activity and to reduce stress effectively.

His books:
„30 Minuten für Business Qigong“, GABAL Verlag,4. Auflage
„30 Minuten Gesundheitsmanagement ,GABAL Verlag,1. Auflage
„ Die Qi-Formel-die 5 Geheimnisse der inneren Zufriedenheit, GU Verlag, 2. Auflage
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