Dani Nieth

Expert for Communication- & Sales-Trainings and Team-Coaching, Moderator

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Deliberate communication can change you and your environment. That is something that Dani Nieth has experienced at first hand in his earliest childhood. Yet, it took an aborted course of studies to finally open his eyes and ears.

Dani started to work as a journalist in 1992 being an anchorman at a local radio station, before he followed a classical television career that peaked as a member of the main editorial office and having his daily live talk for RTL/ProSieben Switzerland.

For over 10 years now, Dani Nieth has been lecturing at different colleges and works as a coach for sales and presentations skills in various companies in Switzerland and abroad. His defined goal, as well as a facilitator and as a speaker is to neither bore his audience nor himself.

His entertaining, anecdotal, razor-sharp and practice-oriented performances have a lasting impact on his audience. Dani lectures with a mix of enthusiasm, empathy, deliberate provocation and spontaneity, yet leaving enough room for serious issues.

The dream of flying has been a common theme throughout Dani’s entire life: it started with artistic gymnastics as a kid, lead into freestyle skiing where he won several European Champion titles and finally got him his license as a recreational pilot. He knows how to lead an eclectic life, while never losing sight of ones goals and how to make dreams come true.

The three top lectures:

- The boomerang principle of friendlyness

- Successful teamwork starts with the individual

- Friendly faces sell better

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