Jon Christoph Berndt

Image professional & marketing strategist
Your strong brand can be recognized by the fact, that you recognize it.

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JCB lives what he says.  And you feel that every second, it’s why his presentations are so captivating and inspiring.  He lives for companies and people to be able to distinguish themselves and present themselves convincingly, so they receive the attention they deserve. He belongs to the leading specialists for image, attention, and marketing success.

JCB speaks on stages small and large, for ten and for 2000 people, in German and in English.  He doesn’t give ready-made speeches, his listeners deserve more. With his motto ""Those who are motivated, motivate themselves" and his inimitable sense of humor, he opens hearts and through the heart, the head.  Who laughs, learns – this is guaranteed through his own special way of provocation.  All of this prompts businesses and managers, as well as public figures to be coached by him, to make something good into something even better.

JCB is a trained journalist, before which he studied political science at university. He aspires to know more and understand better.  He is convinced that tomorrow is today and it is important to him to feel exactly what that means for everyone. This is why he travels between worlds grounded in Munich and extended stays abroad. His travels provide his visionary ideas and attitudes with nourishment and sustenance.

JCB is often on TV, from n-tv and RTL to WDR and ZDF. His specialty is live.  He is in demand as an interviewer in the press and radio, writes columns, and is the author of diverse Nonfiction books and Self-help guides. He helps businesses and their employees gain more image and marketing success with the brandamazing Management Consultancy in Munich. JCB is lecturer at the University of St. Gallen.


  • Profiling, Strategic Positioning and Marketing
  • Brand and Human Branding
  • Brand Behavior, Employees as Brand Ambassadors
  • Attention
  • Agenda Setting and Storytelling


Sell like a Rockstar!
Turn your brand into an experience and your customers into fans!

What you and your guests take with you:

  • What makes products irresistible?
  • How the brand becomes a favorite brand, which you can’t live without.
  • How sales success can become predictable.

The Most Powerful Brand is the Individual

Success factor human branding for iconic personalities and bestselling brand messages

What you and your guests take with you:

  • How a person becomes a high profile attractive human brand.
  • How you can deploy them to boost sales and increase profits.
  • How you can actually do less and achieve more.

Advantage through Attention
How the successful of tomorrow invest the hardest currency in the world profitably

What you and your guests take with you:

  • Why it’s better not to roar like the others.
  • How to live the old values and touch people today.
  • How perceptible attentiveness makes cooperation simpler, nicer and more meaningful.

Brand New

Henkel vs. Berndt: Compelling arguments for what today‘s powerful brands really need

What you and your guests take with you:

  • Real ideas and clear approaches to make a good thing even better.
  • That your brand is only as powerful as the marketing that makes it real.
  • How employees can become high-volume brand ambassadors at all points of sale
  • Bild BRAND NEW
  • Bild Die stärkste Marke sind Sie selbst!
  • Bild Die stärkste Marke sind Sie selbst!
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