Simone  Langendörfer

Top Keynote Speakerin & Expert in Mindfulness, Appreciation & Clarity.
The Future of Jobs and Work in the digital age - And how we have to prepare ourself.

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Simone Langendörfer is an expert of enduring success of life. She is author of the innovative form of SELF-FULFILLING MANAGEMENT®. As ambassador of felicity, she is regularly invited in the media as a guest speaker.

A fascinating and interactive lecture:

Topic 1:

"Mindfulness and Management – Clarity Makes for Success!"
Management is under a relentless onslaught of change. The processes of change are tedious and often rejected by employees. More and more managers feel under stress and in situations where there is conflict of interest.
Company goals must be realised and employees need to be excited by the process. This often leads to tension and conflict that stand in the way of success for both sides. Employees quit inwardly or take sick leave. In our digital world, people are bombarded with information and feel overstimulated, resulting in a loss of valuable energy. A dangerous cycle begins...

Simone Langendörfer demonstrates effective mindfulness tools that managers can easily apply in everyday situations to acquire clarity. A new corporate culture that is based on mindfulness and appreciation leads to successful interaction between management and employees.
People are characterised by different talents and abilities. A certain degree of mindfulness is needed to be a successful team leader. Maximum success is only possible when someone has the ability to develop a sense of awareness for others. Only then can a manager gain authority, acceptance and recognition.

In her unique lecture, expert Simone Langendörfer inspires managers by revealing the ways to successfully pursue a high level of leadership and resolve conflicts at the outset in order to continuously increase the success of a company.

Topic 2:

"Mindfulness and Sales – Why Sales Needs Consciousness"

Sales teams undergo training and yet they still fail to utilise their full potential. Why do so many people in sales fall short of their defined targets on an everyday basis?  Why do customers respond negatively and show no interest?

In sales, conscious and mindful behaviour is profitable and pays off!

How can the ever-growing demands in sales be successfully mastered? How can frustration and stagnation be avoided? How can mindfulness and awareness help to win over customers and keep them for the long-term? How does the challenge between the rapidity of digital transactions and a connection to people work in sales?

In her motivating lecture, Simone Langendörfer reveals how a turnaround from within can magnify success on the outside and make sales more gratifying again.

Know-how, qualifications and hard work are not enough to make sales successful over the long term. An unmindful salesperson will not be able to convince a customer of a product’s value. How can you win over people with consciousness? How can even you radiate more mindfulness through mental strength and use it to face customers with confidence?

Pursue your goals mindfully and you win!

In her lecture, successful expert Simone Langendörfer will win over your sales team too, with exercises based on experience and valuable knowledge. She reveals new ways for you to reach your goals on a long-term basis with mindfulness in sales. 

Topic 3:

"Mindfulness – your profitable asset for a successful life"

Are you interested in success? Do you want to be an active advocate for success in your life? Do you want to do something preventative for your mental well-being? Do you want to protect yourself from exhaustion with a new source of energy?

People with charisma are the ones with the best chances in both business and in private life.

In our digital society, we often come up against our own limits: increasing workloads, pressures and stresses result in a drop in performance, irritability and conflict. Why are consciousness and mindfulness the keys to your success in life? How can you find new sources of energy for the demands on your everyday life? How do you consciously make mindfulness a part of your life in order to reach your goals?

In this captivating lecture, Simone Langendörfer will help you understand how you too can become a "mindfulness expert" and why you should make this profitable asset work for you too.

In today’s world, a fulfilling and successful life requires consciousness and clarity. People who truly know what they want can efficiently put mindfulness to work in both their jobs and private lives and multiply their successes. 
With her highly-emotional speaking, Simone Langendörfer provides exciting insights into the realm of mental strength and how you can make this powerful "universal currency" work for you to systematically heighten your success in life.

She works actively in felicity science. The basis of her advisory role as a coach of success for businesses is build of recent findings in brain research and positive psychology.

"A fulfilled and reasonable life is not a fortunate coincidence", said Simone Langendörfer in her master lecture, she held at Georg-Simon-Ohm-Highschool (University) in Nürnberg.

SELF-FULFILLING MANAGEMENT® is the formula of achievement for private as well as for professional success of life. Simone Langen-dörfer shows that, competence of happiness is unalterable for other-directed top perfomers.

Target-settings and turnover figures as well as audits and appraisal
interviews go with satisfaction and fairness. Because: Everyone is responsible for his felicity and his satisfaction!

• physical health and mental fitness
• accurate definated target-settings and strategic decisions in comlex life situations
• Informations for implementations of enduring success of life
• valuable knowledge for a wise coordination of job and private life
• maximum life quality by personal advancement
• sense of life and completion against uneasiness, emptiness and exhaustion

Simone Langendörfer´s lectures awake lust of a bright life. Verve and passion are catching. Success makes sexy.

Personal advancement of entrepreneurs, leaders and employees is the basis of a bright market economy. Every business can only be as successful as the people who work for it. Simone Langendörfer reports in her lectures about regular customers and enthusiastic employees.

Market economy consists of businesses. Businesses consist of humans. Humans consist of upbringing, education and individual impression. Upbringing and education are social impressed. Upbringing impresses humans. Humans impress businesses. Businesses impress the economy. Economy impresses the world.

Simone Langendörfer is regularly invited to panel discussions.
She speaks on symposia, galas and congresses. Her speeches are passional and humorous. Simone Langendörfer convey valuable
knowledge and informative contents in a charming manner.

She gave advises for "reducing stress" as a psychological advisor at a radio station as well as she reported about "fears and stress in the job" at the radio station of the University of Stuttgart. Private schools and boarding schools engaged Simone Langendörfer as a advisor für their future leaders.

Notable entrepreneurs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland trust in Simone Langendörfers advices about long-term success of their companies despite the crisis and personnel management.

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