Benedikt Böhm

Extreme mountain climber and backcountry ski race record-holder on the Muztagh Ata
Benedikt Böhm: Passion to Perform.

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Benedikt Böhm is on the one hand Managing Director of Dynafit (manufacturer of skis, ski boots, ski bindings, ski clothing etc.).

Since he joined the company in 2003, the brand has transformed itself from bankruptcy with a turnover of 3 million euros to the world market leader with an annual turnover of 65 million euros, 13 branches worldwide and more than 300 employees.

In his ‘second’ life, Böhm is an extreme ski mountain climber and speaker. In his thrilling and entertaining presentations, he repeatedly bridges the gap between the harsh high-mountain environment – the so-called ‘death zone’ – and the world of business. His themes include self-confidence, courage, motivation and self-discipline. Benedikt Böhm is also the protagonist of a recent Microsoft advertising campaign – an excellent depiction of the link between his professional life and his extreme sports activities.

His presentations

His presentations include a mixture of images and small video clips.

In the face of Mount Manaslu (8163m) – Utopia becomes reality

After years of intensive preparation, his first attempt on Mount Manaslu in 2007 was thwarted just 800 metres under the summit, when he was completely cut off by endless snowfall and avalanches. He returned in 2012 for an expedition that proved even more daunting: within 7 days, he survived a gigantic avalanche: one that he and his companions – thanks to an instinctive decision – were the only team to emerge from unscathed. This meant that they were able to offer help as first responders at an altitude of of 6500 metres. They fought for 6 hours to save lives. 11 people died. Just a few days later, they still managed to reach the summit in record time and in unprecedented good shape. They were fast and travelling light in a non-stop push from the foot of the mountain to the summit and back within 24 hours. A radical change, as such ascents normally take 4–5 days.

Among others he will answer the following questions: How do I prepare myself for such a utopian goal? How do I build enough inner momentum to achieve the seemingly impossible and willingly embrace risk? How did I regain my inner attitude and manage to motivate myself again so quickly after this huge disaster? How do I deal with sources of frustration that are out of my control, such as poor weather and too high-risk conditions? What can we do to counteract cabin fever and how do I overcome my fear on the way to my goal?

If we don’t challenge ourselves, we aren’t going to change. 

In his presentation, he will address how the courage to change means leaving one’s comfort zone while at the same time opening up undreamt-of opportunities, explain which skills he transfers from mountaineering to running a company and what motivates him.

Benedikt Böhm will be happy to address his clients’ individual requests.

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