Nicole Brandes

Expert for Future-oriented Leadership, Thought Thinker, Member of the Future Institute Europe, Bestseller Author,
Nicole Brandes: Global Expert for Intercultural Intelligence & Intercultural Management

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In the wake of Digitization - Leadership skills of the future

Nicole Brandes talks about the challenges facing leaders in an increasingly complex environment – and how these can be mastered with interpersonal skills and identity-forging purpose. She is committed to a purpose- and value-centred leadership, precisely because digitalization and the yearning to "belong" and "why" continues to grow and expand.

Her new book "We-Q - Wir-Intelligenz" has been published in May 2016.

Nicole Brandes makes things happen. She doesn’t just speak about intercultural intelligence – the topic is close to her heart as an integral part of her Asian and European heritage. In her work as an international management coach, author and speaker, Nicole Brandes helps people develop future-oriented leadership skills. She can look back on over 15 years of experience working with opinion leaders and the world’s movers and shakers.

The Power of Intercultural Intelligence – a pragmatic approach to connected clarity

Main Topics:

  • Intercultural Intelligence – 4 opportunities in a multicultural world
  • Leadership styles for a global action repertoire
  • Corporate leaders and the secrets of great Asian masters’ success 
  • Culture shock – money shock!

Her proactive approach has often been in demand: as head of the crisis support team on site after the Halifax air disaster, and as the leader of an international umbrella organisation for a charity under the patronage of Queen Silvia of Sweden. In addition to this, she was recognised for re-positioning Switzerland’s oldest private bank. She was responsible for establishing a communications department for two renowned companies in the hedge fund and private equity sector.

Today, Nicole Brandes is the leading expert in intercultural management. She knows how to convey intercultural competence pragmatically and precisely, and demonstrates simply and vividly the reasons for common misunderstandings in leadership, negotiations and transition in a global economy. She explains in a clear and illustrative manner how people can work better together to achieve their goals in a multicultural world. Above all, Nicole Brandes focuses on finding solutions.  

Nicole Brandes has studied communications, strategic management and intercultural mediation. Fluent in five languages, she has travelled to more than 100 countries and learned the success strategies of Taoism from the great Chinese masters.

Nicole Brandes is a bestseller author and ambassador for intercultural management.

Global Mindset Thriver - Intercultura Business Expert!

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