Sven Hannawald

Grand Slam Winner To Win on all Four Hills 2002, Winner of the Four-Hills-Tournament 2002, World Champion, Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Winner of the World Cup
Sven Hannwald: Flying high - Crashing - Landing back into Life

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SVEN HANNAWALD: Former German ski jumper, Winner of the Four Hills Tournament.

In 2002, Sven Hannawald won all four competitions of the prestigious Four Hills Tournament. It was an event for the history books – no one before him had achieved the "Grand Slam" of ski jumping. This monumental performance propelled "Hanni" into the fans’ hearts – and accounts for his status as one of the most popular and successful athletes.

He was World Champion, Olympic Champion and Germany’s Sports Personality of 2002. But this exceptionally talented ski jumper could not withstand the pressure to perform: having grown up in the German Democratic Republic, and thus accustomed to being both pushed to excel and nurtured, Hannawald was forced to end his career in 2004 after suffering from burnout symptoms. How did it happen? How did Sven Hannawald become the successful athlete he was? What is it about ski jumping that makes it so incredibly gruelling? On stage, Sven Hannawald offers fascinating insights into the life of an ambitious athlete who subjected himself to the merciless mechanisms of top-level sports in his pursuit of success. He articulately and emotionally describes the struggle to lose more and more weight paired with the unrelenting pressure to succeed at the top.

Today, he teams up with Sven Ehricht to advise companies and coach executives. He is also active as a TV pundit.
Former Germany’s Sports Personality of the Year speaks at moderated business panels, fireside chats, workshops and seminars about the milestones of his globally unique sporting success, his mental illness (burnout syndrome) and path to achieving work-life balance in his post-ski jumping life.

Suggested topics include:
● "Landing Ahead" – sustainable success in equilibrium 
● "Negotiating and achieving goals together. Highs and lows. 
● "Success with role models and imagery – the motivation behind my victories
● "Team Spirit" Forward. Together. Taking the career plunge
● "Focus on peak performance" – summoning world-class results on demand
● "Using stress positively" – learning from my experience 
● "Pressure, mental strength and increasing media exposure"
● "Change Management" switching from parallel to V-style ski jumping
● "Corporate Health"
● "Leadership: my trainers, their motivational tricks, our success"
● "Fair Play in Sports and Business" – showing doping the red card

You can select the appropriate topic and messages for your business talk with Sven Hannawald. We will provide the pertinent questions for the moderator, schedule and accompanying images and/or video material.

Sven Hannawald bridges the gap between the worlds of sport and business and takes a behind-the-scenes look at Olympic-level competition. All live performances are individually choreographed, prepared and coordinated.

- 4-time winner / Grand Slam 2001/02 Four Hills Tournament
- Olympic Champion (team event) 2002 Salt Lake City
- Ski Flying World Champion 2000 + 2002
- Ski Jumping World Champion (team event) 1999 + 2001
- Ski Flying Overall World Cup winner 2001/02 + 2002/03
- 18 World Cup victories, personal best 220 metres
- Germany’s Sports Personality of 2002
Sven Hannawald and Sven Ehricht hold half-, one- and multi-day experience seminars on selected management topics for small groups. These exclusive moderated events are divided into a theoretical and practical section and take place in venues such as modern ski jumping hills, Olympic facilities, stadiums and arenas. Themes permitting, they might include attending a ski jumping competition, match day or big-screen broadcasts.

Success, motivation, defeat, mental strength, fitness, work-life balance, corporate health, health, stress, team, family, change management, fair play.

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Video & Audio
  • Sven Hannawald: ; Markus Lanz 18.09.2013
  • Sven Hannawald: Sprung in die Ewigkeit Bischofshofen 2002
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