Aljoscha Höhn

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For more than ten years Aljoscha Höhn has stood in the spotlight as a successful TV and event presenter. Two of his big projects were presenting for UEFA during the Champions League Final in Berlin and opening for the whole Helene Fischer concert tour in front of 900,000 viewers.

Whether a stadium or small venue - the native Rhinelander is quite good with people. With his likeable and frank manner he gets the most surprising stories out of his guests and makes sure that every event feels like a unique experience.

On his home-made stage in his nursery, with his schoolmates in the audience, Aljoscha had already begun his dream of entertaining people. His business knowledge and training was achieved through his bachelor and master program at the Hochschule Fresenius in Cologne.

Since then Aljoscha has had a great run: He presents the most important German event-awards programs, for example, the FAMAB AWARD, the BEA BlachReport Event Award, and the Location Award. He also hosts events for many well-known companies.

For ARD he presented at the "Eurovision Song Contest", hooked the audience at the "MTV Europe Music Award" and was on-air in over 150 shows for the TV station "KölnTV".

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