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An accomplished public speaker and author, Brad has been featured on CNN, CNBC, and Dr. Phil, and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, and many others. Brad is also the author of three business books including the critically acclaimed "Manager 3.0: A Millennial’s Guide to Rewriting the Rules of Management" (Amacom, 2013).

Prior to creating JB Training Solutions, Brad spent 15 years at advertising giant Leo Burnett in Chicago. Today, Brad conducts training and delivers keynote addresses at major companies including Google, Abbott Laboratories, ConocoPhillips, Walgreens, Dick’s Sporting Goods, The Chicago Blackhawks, and The Big Ten Network, among many others. As an annual speaker for the National Society for Human Resource Management Conference, Brad has been consistently rated as a top-5 speaker since 2011 out of more than 150 speakers.

Brad loves Fantasy Football, hates cheese and is a lefty! Brad lives in Chicago with his wife Lisa and three sons: Milo, Gus and Digby.


CHALANT® - Leading with a Driving Purpose

"The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity." – Amelia Earhart

In the age of ingenuity, our organizations need to under promise and over deliver – pushing beyond the status quo and the ordinary.  As a leader, how can you replace complacency with a craving ambition?  How can you create a culture where employees are inspired to exceed goals, do more than just what they are told to do, and go above and beyond on a day-to-day basis?

In this engaging session, Karsh takes a "lighter on theory, heavier on practicality" approach to leadership and brings you CHALANT®.  (Think the opposite of nonchalant!)  This keynote reveals the secret formula of CHALANT® to create a culture of passion, devotion, and action that encourages the development of employees.  We illustrate how to embrace passion with real-life examples from companies like Zappos and Wal-Mart, develop true grit with stories from Michael Jordan and Malcolm Gladwell, and offer tactical principles on how to take action on goals to ensure success.

Participants leave this keynote with the ability to:

•    Identify and tap into personal passions to pump up workplace productivity and morale
•    Break down the walls to build a more transparent and diverse environment in the workplace
•    Inspire coworkers by sharing a vision, setting a strong example, and making work fun
•    Operate with grit by being persistent and keeping on the course when things get tough
•    Take action, under promise, and over deliver to exceed expectations and reach goals

STORYTELLING - Bring Business Ideas to Life

"It’s story time!"  From a very young age, our lives have been focused around storytelling - from bedtime stories, to Grandparents’ tales, to the living legends in college and all the way up to swapping stories with friends at a bar after work.  We treasure and remember these anecdotes from our lives and the lives of those around us.  It is simply human nature -- that’s the power of storytelling.  Applying that natural passion and connection through storytelling is the key to delivering unforgettable presentations at work.

In this riveting course, we share ways to relate to any audience and find a narrative in your presentations. Even charts, numbers, graphs, statistics, and business strategies can be conveyed as an exhilarating drama – it’s up to the storyteller to find that underlying essence and tale.  Learn the key elements of any narrative and how to parlay their natural storytelling skills in a professional setting.  With practice opportunities and hands-on activities, everyone learns how to evoke emotion and connect to your audience with an unforgettable message.

Participants leave this keynote with the ability to:

•    Craft an exciting narrative in typical business situations
•    Generate consistently high attention, emotion & action
•    Simplify complex ideas and say in clear, compelling way
•    Make points more memorable & relatable in anecdotes
•    Use characters, conflict, context, interaction & imaging
•    Avoid lecturing, technical jargon & off putting formality
•    Prepare in advance to keep spontaneous, natural feel
•    Captivate any audience with power of your presence

WE CAN WORK IT OUT - Collaborating Across the Generations

There are four generations in the workplace, all with different assets that can help your team thrive, if you know how to unlock that potential. Millennial interns and new hires are working side-by-side Traditionalists, and independent Generation Xers are clashing with team-oriented Boomers. With employee engagement at the forefront of every business, understanding how to work with each generation is integral to engaging and retaining every employee.

In this unforgettable session, the group brainstorms the key differences between the generations and the defining moments that rocked their world and shaped them. Importantly, you discover how those differences manifest in the workplace and what you need to know to be most effective in a multigenerational workforce. We share inside secrets and key differences such as entitlement versus duty, explanation versus action, and mobility versus loyalty. This presentation provides participants with actionable advice to implement immediately to help bridge the gap between all generations.

Participants leave this keynote with the ability to: 

•    Understand the historical and societal trends that shaped each generation
•    Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each generation
•    Effectively communicate with each generation to meet their goals
•    Identify the promise in each individual, and understand how all ages can best work together
•    Implement specific techniques for partnering with colleagues from diverse generations

THE NEW GOLDEN RULE - Adjusting Styles to Work Better Together

Have you ever said, "I will NEVER understand her!", "That’s not how I would have reacted", or "We will just NEVER get along."  If so, you’re not alone.  Human resource managers report spending 24 to 60 percent of their time dealing with employee disputes. The reality is that you spend more time with the people at work than you do with your own family, yet only 55 percent of people actually like their co-workers. Wouldn’t your life be more enjoyable if everyone at work could just get along?

Working in teams is one of the most important components of success in the working world, yet poorly performing teams continue to drain an organization and individuals alike. In this enlightening program, we offer the secrets to working with even the most difficult team members. We’ll share why the "golden rule" is wrong when it comes to workplace communications.  This course is chock-full of real-world work scenarios, and will bring the learning to life and get the group laughing and having fun working together. During the session, participants will take a humorous yet informative glance at their own, distinct communication style, as well as their colleagues’ unique tendencies.  Everyone learns why the cast of Seinfeld makes a great team and how that dynamic manifests itself in the workplace.

Participants leave this keynote with the ability to:

•    Understand their unique communication style and how it plays out on their team
•    Recognize the distinct style of coworkers, managers and direct reports
•    Value and appreciate the different qualities that each individual brings to the team
•    Adapt to various personalities and predispositions among team members
•    Welcome and respect differences to move toward a common goal
•    Work successfully and efficiently as part of a solid and high-functioning team

MILLENNIALS MEAN BUSINESS - Development Strategies for the Next Generation of Leaders

Millennials mean business, and they will be running your company before you know it.  In this power-packed program, Brad Karsh shares specific learning strategies to ensure your future leaders are prepared for the road ahead.  How do millennials like to learn, and what are their communication preferences and top motivators?  What are the new trends in development for this generation, and how can organizations better work with millennials to deliver high-impact learning?  We discuss how you can instill innovative strategies and create a positive culture of learning and development.  Everyone hears quotes from millennials themselves on how to best partner with, prepare, and develop this unique generation.

Participants leave this keynote with the ability to:

•    Identify new trends in learning that appeal to millennials across the world
•    Train and retain high-potential employees with real-world case studies
•    Understand the importance of training on the soft business skills that millennials tend to lack
•    Discover strategies to best motivate, engage, and retain the millennial generation through learning
•    Support learning efforts with the structure and communication that resonates with millennials
•    Reinforce a culture of learning, growing, and collaboration across all levels
•    Implement specific techniques for "millennial-izing" curriculum and programs right away

GENERATION Z - What You Need to Know Now on the Next Global Generation

We’ve heard about millennials, but what about Globals who are already entering your offices as interns?  Shifting away from the "we" and "special" mindset that millennials possess, Globals are shaping up to be a realistic, go-getter, "insta-gen" that truly has had influences from across the world since birth.  Karsh uncovers how this generation will please Gen Xers but frustrate their millennial managers.  Participants will learn tangible tips to begin building their leadership pipeline today.

Participants leave this keynote with the ability to:

•    Anticipate which generational workplace trends Globals will emulate and which they reject to shake up the workplace
•    Capitalize on Globals’ entrepreneurial spirit to make them more effective within the role and see how their contributions affect change
•    Recognize how Globals’ multicultural acceptance creates a one-world mindset that will expand virtual and local business into new sectors/environments
•    Teach Globals to convert their overload of data gathering into accessible and useful knowledge
•    Outline new career titles and nonlinear career progressions that will allow for Globals to follow and develop their skills and interests

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