Joey Kelly

Entrepreneur and Endurance Athlete
NO LIMITS – how do I achieve my goal?

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Joey Kelly talks with conviction about his life as an entrepreneur and endurance athlete, which he is pursuing with tenacity, targets, a strong will and passion.

To date, he has completed more than 40 marathons, over 30 ultra-marathons, 9 desert runs, 3 editions of the "Race across America" bicycle race from the west to the east coast of the USA, over 100 half marathons, short distance triathlons and other short distance races.  He still holds, at 8, the record for the most IronMan triathlons completed in one year.

In September 2010, Joey Kelly crossed Germany on foot – from Wilhelmshaven in the north-west to Mount Zugspitze in the south-east of the country. It took him 17 days and 23 hours. During his 900-kilometre walk without money, he fed himself only on what he could forage from nature, covering at least 50 kilometres per day.

In winter 2010/2011, he was (together with Markus Lanz) a member of the German team undertaking the ’Race to the South Pole’. They covered 400 kilometres in 10 days at temperatures as low as -40C, 100 years after the legendary race between Scott and Amundsen. 

In 2011, after a 10-year absence, he returned to the Badwater Run, one of the world’s most gruelling ultra-marathons. His aim was to slash his previous running time from 55:08 hours to under 48 hours over the 217-kilometre distance. With resounding success, clocking a time of 43:22 hours.

It all started with a bet: endurance sports as a counterbalance to his life with the legendary Kelly Family, a band that achieved musical acclaim in the 1990s. It taught him total discipline, ambition, how to achieve his goals and set new, future-oriented Targets.

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