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Formula One Driver & Author
Perry McCarthy: Whatever it Takes!

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Perry McCarthy is quite simply unique. He is an ex Formula One driver, he is a bestselling author and he was the original secret racing driver from BBC Top Gear ’The Stig’. Perry combines his famous sense of humor and his experiences of rising to the top against the odds to entertain audiences worldwide with hilarious after dinner speeches or captivating business and motivational addresses

After dinner speaker:
Throughout his entire motor racing career, Perry was renowned not just for his speed and determination, but for his sense of humor and sideways look at life.

His quick wit and ability to deride himself, and others, has entertained spectators, race guests and even rival teams and drivers, in pit lanes, paddocks and bars across the world.

His popularity has since catapulted him into being in high demand for large and small corporations all over the world. With his unique and alluring style, Perry engages audiences with hilarious anecdotes and tales of highs and lows.

Perry’s speeches are fast paced and include stories about his role as the original Stig (from Top Gear), his rise to Formula One, some misadventures at 200 miles per hour and comic sketches on Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Nigel Mansell, Murray Walker and of course, Jeremy Clarkson.

Perry happily invites audiences to ask him questions about cars, driving, Top Gear and Formula One before signing autographs (if required).

Business and Motivational Speaker:
In the world of International Motor Racing, Perry McCarthy is known for his speed and humor. But he is also famous for his determination, opportunism and deal making abilities. His motto is "Whatever it takes"

Such was his intent that Perry worked on North Sea Oil Rigs for two years to fund the start of his journey to Grand Prix. Then as his progression upward through the ranks of international motor sport demanded more finance, instead of saying "this is impossible" he relentlessly sought the necessary sponsorship to make his dream of becoming a Grand Prix driver come true. There were many difficult times for Perry and his young family but he would not give up, either on or off the track, always finding a way to make things happen.

His attitude and his story have been inspirational. Damon Hill, 1996 F1 World Champion, said of McCarthy "I have constant admiration for how he turns a no hope situation in to some sort of triumph"

Perry is in high demand to give business and motivational speeches. He links his experience and passionate attitude, along with his behind the scenes knowledge of the Formula One world, to provide a highly entertaining and insightful platform tailored to support the client’s key event messages.

Road Safety Speaker:
Recent reports state that globally over 1.2 million people die on the road each year. If those deaths were caused by a disease it would be noted as an epidemic. Tens of millions of dollars have been spent in trying to understand the cause of collisions but a common cause is ’lack of due care and attention’ which includes driver distraction.

Perry McCarthy is passionate about his message for the need to concentrate whilst driving, the need to focus, the need for judgment, the need to anticipate and the need for common sense, patience and consideration. His approach is not complicated. It is simple and adoptable by the everyday driver and is designed to saves lives. As always though, Perry’s talks are fun and engaging but he uses that style to keep audience attention to pass on his serious messages.

Perry’s achievements as a racing driver and his popularity as the original Stig from BBC Top Gear ensures he is listened to and, as the Police and other motoring organizations have commented, that has proven highly effective as a great way to encourage best driver attitudes. Perry is available to give corporate speeches and interviews on better driving, business driving and road safety.

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