Roswitha van der Markt

Management Consultant, Keynote Speaker, Author and Executive Coach. Leadership 4.0: Designing the change in Management
Leadership 4.0 – Digital Transformation, designing major change in management

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Roswitha A. van der Markt belongs to the select circle of New Management thought leaders, combining leadership and high performance with meaningful living. She is setting the trend for digital enlightenment, a new vision of leadership and management in times of digital transformation. In her articles, books and lectures she is leading the way to a new, value-oriented and sustainable performance, leadership and success culture. As executive consultant and coach, she is supporting managers in mastering the challenges of digitalization, designing agile organizations and embracing continuous change.

Organizations themselves are changing dramatically, getting flatter and more transparent on every level. Clients are empowered to change whole value chains. Knowledge workers of any generations ask for transparent feedback. People want jobs with purpose and meaning. Authenticity, transparency, trust and values build the foundation of the future leadership.

Describing herself as digital baby boomer, she is working already nearly 20 years as digital nomad: living and working in the Caribbean, USA and in Munich without an impressive executive office. Working with her laptop, tablet and smartphone, she is actively promoting agile and virtual management in the workplace. Convincing managers to set an example within their organizations by putting values into practice. High Performance, the pursuit of excellence is her driving force, knowing the ups and downs of life and personal success.

Her dynamic and convincing keynotes at conventions and corporate events have a lasting impact on her audience and leave them with practicable ideas improving themselves, their organization and management in times of digitalization, new ways of work and value-oriented leadership.

Roswitha van der Markt speaks on stages small and large in German and English, never with ready-made speeches. She shares her inspiring insights from small businesses to international corporations, to rethink their imprinted mindsets of management, leadership and success.

Encouraging companies to step further on into the necessary digitalization, into more agility and flexibility, but still with focus on the power of the people involved. In digital transformation not technology and systems, but trust and appreciation are the guaranties for sustainable success.

Perceived as particularly authentic, convincing by a high level of credibility and character, Roswitha van der Markt is valued as highly experienced senior woman executive acting according her principles.  She belongs to the selected circle of top executives, but describes herself as a strange foreigner: Studied humanities and liberal arts in Munich, Amsterdam and Pretoria she is Senior Management Consultant, Executive Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker and Expert in Business Transformation, Change Management, Leadership and Human Performance. A sounding career with more than 25 year’s leadership experience in Lean Management, Human Performance, Strategy and Organizational Development in industry and as International Partner, Managing Director of the world leading management-consulting firm Accenture. Since 1998, she has been working for senior level one and two executives of global companies and has mandates in Europe and USA. Her client list and professional experience include Accenture, Allianz, BT, Fujitsu, GE, Holtzbrinck, HP, Infineon, Oracle, SAP, Siemens, Telekom, and well-known medium-sized companies.

She holds an Executive MBA, Harvard University in co-operation with MIT, Sloan School of Management (Boston, Mass.); she is Commercial Manager (Babson College) and German University Software Award winner.
She is professional member and mentor of the German Speaker Association, blogging as expert of the academy of Berufebilder.de and in the Huffington Post. She had lectureships at Ludwig-Maximilians-University (Munich), Otto-Friedrichs-University (Bamberg), Technical University (Dresden), IE Business School (Madrid), was engaged as Project-Coach at IEWS (Institute of EastWest Studies) and UNESCO supporting multi-national projects for economical and democratically development in Eastern Europe.

Speaking Topics:
- Leadership 4.0 – Digital Transformation, designing major change in management
- New Work – new principles and standards for success, performance and management
- Living – Leading – Performing, value-oriented living and working with purpose and meaning in times of Digital Transformation

What you and your guests take with you:
- How Digital Transformation is sustainably changing our life and working styles
- How "empowered customers" profoundly change our old business models, processes, management and leadership
- Why a paradigm shift in leadership and management is overdue. Why we have to change to stay or even become competitive and which kind of mindset shift is necessary
- How value-oriented leadership is an essential ethical corrective in our digital world
- How we can design a "new leadership culture", which is enabling purpose and meaning, fostering self- responsibility and efficient co-operation
- Partnering: How we can build trust in an organization and engaging clients, colleagues, employees and partners on eye-level

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